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Issue 7, July 2017


We have five essays from five different perspectives:

·                       At What Point Does Science Fiction Turn into Fantasy?--by S. L. Card.  Card is a YA fantasy writer and scientist from Canada.


·                       Fantasy versus Science Fiction: A Curious Divergence—By Alex Stargazer.  Stargazer is a speculative fiction novelist from The Netherlands.


·                       Science Needs Fantasy—by Tabb C. Prissel.  Prissel is a research scientist studying the Moon at Rutgers in New Jersey.


·                       Spaceships and the Force – How Exactly are Science Fiction and Fantasy Different?--By S E Jones.  Jones is an Australian writer of speculative fiction and non-fiction.


·                       Seed Thesis for 'At What Point Does Science Fiction Turn Into Fantasy?'--by Russ Colson.  Colson is a professor of geology in Minnesota and editor of IES.



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