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Aug 2019, Issues 11-12

The Growing Pile of E-Waste by Michelle Laliberte.


 Illustration by Russ Colson for The Growing Pile of E-Waste

image credit:  Russ Colson


May-June 2018, Issues 9-10:  

Topic:  Science teacher:  conveyer of information or practitioner and mentor? 

Teaching Science through Curiosity and Discovery--by Anthony Larson.  Larson is a science teacher in Minnesota.

Seed Thesis for "Science teacher:  conveyer of information or practitioner and mentor?" by Russ Colson.  Colson is a professor of geology in Minnesota and editor of IES. 

 Science Teacher: conveyor of information or practioner and mentor?

image credit:  Russ Colson


July 2017, Issues 7-8:  At What Point Does Science Fiction Turn into Fantasy? 

Link to all five essays at Fantasy-SF-Question-i7


image credit:  Russ Colson


May 2016: Issues 6-7:  Grade Inflation and the Quality of Education

Read Grade Inflation at UW-Madison by Mark Cook

 Grade Inflation--Russ Colson

image credit:  Russ Colson


November 2015: Topic 4-5:  Theory in the Classroom

Read Hypothesis, Theory, and Law by Patrick Schuette

 image credit:  Mary Colson


Mar 2015: Topic 3: Misconception and Science in Comic Books

Read Comic Book Science  by Ann Dulhanty

Image credit: Russ Colson

Nov 2014: Topic 2: Earth Science in Public Education

Family Science Play

Read Value Play by Jennifer Lepper and Use It or Lose It by Wade Gavin

image credit:  Russ Colson


July 2014: Topic 1:  Global Warming

Large mudcracks with a dekalb hat

Read Jonathan Chan's essay "The Price of Global Warming"

image credit:  Russ Colson


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