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May 2016Will Simone's efforts to call forth blue spinel from the magmatic fires be good enough for the master magicians at the University?  Find out in In the Rough by T. S. Brothers.   


Teacher's Resources for In the Rough.

Illustration for In the Rough by Erin Colson.

 In the Rough artwork by Erin Colson



November 2015:  Aki wants so much to stay in the home she's known her whole life, but with failing geysers and earthquakes seeming to conspire against her, will she be able?  Find out in Shifting Fortunes by S. Q. Eries.   


Teacher's Resources for Shifting Fortunes.

Illustration for Shifting Fortunes by Erin Colson



July 2015:  Cassie Morant loves puzzles, but can she put together the planetary geology clues fast enough to save the landing team from execution? Find out in Jigsaw by Douglas Smith.


Teacher's Resources for Jigsaw.


Illustration for Jigsaw by Erin Colson.  

Jigsaw Cube by Erin Colson


Map for Jigsaw by Russ Colson.  


March 2015:  Can Marie's knowledge of geology solve a mystery and get her big brother out of trouble? Find out in The Thieving Rain by Anne E Johnson.

Teacher's Resources for The Thieving Rain.

Illustration for The Thieving Rain by Erin Colson.


November 2014:  Find out how to save a relationship from too much convergence and subduction in Plate Tectonics and Non-Platonic Relationships by Alicia Cole.

Teacher's Resources for Plate Tectonics and Non-Platonic Relationships.

Illustration for Plate Tectonics and Non-Platonic Relationships by Steven (Andy) Stalboerger.

Illustration for Plate Tectonics and Non-Platonic Relationships

I waited until Wednesday before pinning a note on Ches’s locker: Can we try transform


July 2014Find out how a small diversion can save the world in Diversion Program by Robert Dawson.

 Teacher's Resources for Diversion Program.

 Illustration for Diversion Program by Erin Colson.

Diversion Program--Zig Washington at the controls




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