About Earth Science Q/A

This is a place to post Questions and Answers on a variety of Earth Science issues.  Post under one of the categories below–the “Big Ideas” of Earth Science:

Planets Change:  Post Q/A about processes of weathering and erosion, volcanism, tectonism (motion), impact cratering, and chemical differentiation.

Planets have a History of Change:  Post Q/A about the stories told by rocks and fossils, or about stratigraphy, evolution, or geological time.

Movements in Space:  Post Q/A about seasons, phases of the Moon, or movements of stars, moons or planets.

Energy and Mass in Planetary Systems:  Post Q/A about winds, precipitation, storms, oceanic circulation, heat, movement of pollutants, mass balance, cyles.

Earth is part of an Immense and Structured Universe:  Post Q/A about how we measure distances in space, types of bodies and structures in space, scales and patterns.

Issues in Teaching:  Post questions about student responses, common misconceptions, styles of learning, how to create science discovery in the classroom, about the difference between a learning activity and a science experiment.

Issues in Writing:  Post questions about world building, about the difference between Earth Science jargon and real Earth Science concepts, about how to include real discovery in fiction or non-fiction, about where to  “stretch the truth” for dramatic effect.

Uncategorized:  Anything else, or questions/comments about our website or the Challenges.

This blog is hosted on http//earthscienceissues.net, a resource for writers and teachers interested in discussing Earth Science issues.

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