Geoscience Challenge–Jan 2014-by Dr. C.

Geoscience Challenge Jan 2014

Where is it? What does it mean?

Here’s my latest Geoscience Challenge–Can you figure out where the picture above was taken, and what the nature of the river tells you about the geology of the region?  Please post answers!  I will declare a winner in a month or so.  -Dr. C



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5 thoughts on “Geoscience Challenge–Jan 2014-by Dr. C.

  1. A year of freshman Earth Science……high school freshman at that, taught me
    nothing I can remember 40 YEARS on….(yikes!). However, I did visit Mount
    St. Helens some 20 years after the eruption, and this picture reminds me of
    the Toutle River Valley driving up to the volcano, with the flattened river bottom
    and water finding its way thru it where it would….

    • Your right Kent – it does look the flood-ravaged Toutle River Valley after the eruption! Good grief, my freshman year in high school was also 40 YEARS AGO.

  2. Okay, I’m going out on a limb and say, it’s in the mountains. Based on the trees, I’d say Rockies. The wide flood plain and winding nature of the river means it’s old. (That’s how far high school geography and an interest in nature gets me.) Thanks for including me in the challenge, Russ!

  3. Let’s see…it’s been about 10 years since I had your class but I do remember braided rivers. Braided rivers are usually glacial related due to the high volume of sediment output (and other causes). Looking at the vegetation and mountain peaks, I’m thinking this might be in Alaska? More specifically, the Kenai Peninsula?

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