Reviving my blog: Adventure in Science Fiction

Sorry for not blogging for so long—I’ve been writing a non-fiction book called Learning to Read the Earth and Sky, a book for teachers, or anyone else, who thinks about the nature of science and what teaching science is all about. Writing a book is a serious endeavor, and it takes serious commitment to complete it. For me, ‘serious commitment’ meant not maintaining my blog for two and a half years! Given my day job, which with research and teaching is rather consuming, and my other side projects, like gardening and writing science fiction novels, I didn’t have time to blog.

However, my coauthor and I sent our proofs back to the publisher this past week—it felt like sending my baby off to college—and so I can turn my mind to blogging. I’ve written a cross-over blog that picks up on the thread of adventure in fiction which I introduced in my last blog entry two years ago—”The Mars One Initiative–Is it Real?” Does our declining interest in adventure have an impact on our understanding of how to teach science? Check it out at “The Teachers Corner” — Teaching Science and the Lost Adventure Story.

Dr. C.

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