A Science Fiction Book and New Short Story for the Classroom

After a few years of fishing for a publisher for my science fiction novels, I had by first novel, The Arasmith Certainty Principle, accepted for publication by Double Dragon Publishing this fall.  DDP is a small Canadian publisher, mainly of e-books.  As a small publisher, they don’t offer a lot of editorial or marketing support.  However, they have a reputation for nice cover art and honest and professional interaction with most of their authors.  Plus, the Double Dragon name has nice synergy with my work at Minnesota State University Moorhead—our mascot is the Dragon!  Thus, I chose to sign!

With a book now in the queue for publishing (perhaps October 2018) I decided it was time to get an author page a bit more formal-looking than the highly informal website I post for my college students who want to know a bit more about me.  After spending a month developing my website, I’m now conversant with HTML and CSS—until I forget it again.  My new author page can be found at russcolson.com.  Feel free to check it out!

Meanwhile, the latest short story for the earth science classroom, Breaking the Ice by Justin Short, is now live at Issues in Earth Science. Please read it at Fiction for the Classroom, or check out the teacher resources, emphasizing the importance of students learning how to invent their own experiments rather than simply copy the experiments that a curriculum writer has invented for them, at Teacher Resources for Breaking the Ice!

Russ Colson

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