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Writer’s Corner is a place to consider Earth Science topics of particular interest to writers, like what real Earth Science looks like in a story, what’s in the news, how movies and books get it wrong (that’s always fun),or what distinguishes science fiction from fantasy (always a favorite debate).  Feel free to participate in the discussion!

Your friendly Chief Blogger is Russ Colson (Dr. C).  Russ has taught college geology, planetary science and meteorology for over 20 years.  He has been a science fiction fan since his introduction to Andre Norton, Isaac Asimov, and Edgar Rice Burroughs as a teenager, and even dables in writing some of his own stories.  He’s author of over nineteen published science fiction stories and articles including an article in Clarkesworld Magazine that addresses the tragic misuse of Earth Science in science fiction.

Guest Blogger is Mary Colson.  Mary has taught 8th grade Earth Science for over twenty years in Tennessee, Texas, and Minnesota.  Mary reads a lot, including science fiction, mystery, and lots of science non-fiction.  She was a member of the writing team for the current Next Generation Science Standards.

The artwork at the top of the blog is by artist Andy Stalboerger, a portion of his work “Expedition on Enceladus.”

This blog is hosted on http//earthscienceissues.net, a resource for writers and teachers interested in discussing Earth Science issues.



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2 thoughts on “About Writer’s Corner

  1. Hi. As a new SF writer, I’m interested in markets that will qualify me for SFWA membership. SFWA is raising its qualifying pay rate to 6 cents/word, effective July 1, 2014 (http://www.sfwa.org/2013/11/sfwa-raises-qualification-standard-payment-rates-short-fiction/). Will Issues in Earth Science, currently paying 5 cents/word (http://earthscienceissues.net/submissions), follow suit? Is it otherwise looking to eventually be listed as a qualifying professional market (http://www.sfwa.org/about/join-us/sfwa-membership-requirements/#shortfiction)?

    • Hi Graham

      Thanks for your heads up on the pro rate change at SFWA. We will probably raise our rates to $0.06 when we reopen for submissions. Whether we move toward being a qualifying professional market is a more complicated question. At the moment we are focused on getting started and building a readership among earth science teachers and their students. If in the process of doing that we meet the criteria for a qualifying market, then that will be great!


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